Full Chanel Dog Collar Review: 2020

Chanel Dog Collar Review

Its been a great debate now that whether your dog needs a collar or not. Whatever the case may be, you have to choose your dog’s luxury collar wisely.

The collar makes it innocuous for you and your little furry friend to stroll in streets, parks, beaches, etc. The dog collar makes a huge difference in the appearance of the dog.

Can you imagine your pet dog wandering around without a collar, it will look like any stray dog wandering around.

So lets cut the chase and find the best collar for your legged friend.
What are your preferences in dog collar?

Are you looking for something of class, brand, and name? Then you should consider Chanel Black Leather Dog Collar 1999 edition.

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  • Quilted genuine leather.
  • Cruise 1999 edition.
  • Stylish and classic design with sewing patterns.
  • It has gold metal, pin clasp and the same gold metal loop to clamp the end of the collar stripe.
  • This collar is adjustable.
  • Its measurements are Length ( 12“- 15” ), Width ( 0.75” ).
  • It contains a ring for the leash.

What makes it stand out of the crowd?

channel dog collar review

This padded black genuine leather collar is complemented with gold metal, pin clasp at the end and, the same gold metal loop to clamp the end of the collar stripe. It also comprises a ring for the leash and a pendant engraved with the Year 1999 on it. It is from the cruise 1999 collection. You can dress up your furry friend with this collar and walk around confidently.

You have to recheck your bank account before buying…
Chanel Leather Dog collar is of limited edition just like any other Chanel’s product. It also costs you a fortune to buy, so you have to check your bank account before buying it.
Dishearted with the price?

So you do not need to be dishearted if you are low on budget, you can still have it. It’s pre-owned version and replicas are also available at a reasonable price. On therealreal.com, fashionphile.com, and jolicloset.com pre-owned collars were available but currently, they are only available at fashionphile.com. Its replica is available on dressthedog.com.

This collar is comfortable for your dog as it is adjustable. Your pup will not get irritated with it, you can easily set it according to your dog’s comfort. Also, this collar is quilted with a cross sewing pattern on it which makes it smooth and comfortable for your little friend.
You can find a matching leash too…

It has a loop for a leash so that comes convenient when you go out for a walk. You can also buy a matching leash with it to make it up to the mark.
Carefully clean it…
This collar is made of pure genuine leather so you have to be careful about cleaning it. You have to use a particular leather cleaner and moisturizer for the purpose. And let it air-dry afterward.
Do you have Basset Hound or Bulldog..?

If you are an owner of a medium-sized dog then this collar perfectly suits your dog as its measurements are Length (12“- 15”), Width (0.75”). It will perfectly suit Basset Hound, Bulldog, Collie, Dalmatian, etc. If you want a durable and classic collar you should go for this Chanel black leather Dog Collar.

The collar in itself is of extraordinary quality, delightful matured gold metal clasp and a clamp at the end of stripe make it worth purchasing for. It can accommodate your legged companion cross perfectly and gets placated as you stroll in parks, roads or anyplace.

Are you worried about the comfort of your dog..?

Your canine will feel comfortable may not get troubled with it, unlike any other collars as it is adjustable and you can adjust it up according to your dog’s comfort zone. This collar is designed for medium-sized dogs you can not have it for small or huge dogs.

A real gem for your little companion…

This Chanel black leather dog collar may cost you some real money but if you want a real upgrade for your canine you can consider this one. The elegance, class, and tastefulness make it a genuine pearl for your little companion.


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Pros & Cons

  • Genuine quilted leather depicts class and style.
  • An adjustable stripe perfectly fits your dog.
  • Quilted leather makes it soft and comfortable for your dog.
  • It contains a ring for the leash.
  • It costs a fortune to buy a genuine Chanel leather dog collar.
  • It is only suitable for medium-sized dogs.
  • Chanel has a very limited edition of their products.
  • Do not wash with water.


So, if you want to upgrade your dog’s collar and want something durable and elegant than you can go for this Chanel Black Leather Dog Collar. Although it is expensive and costs you a fortune to buy still you can get it at a reasonable price on websites selling pre-owned products. Also, some websites are selling the master copies you can get it from there too. It may differ a bit in quality but at the end of the day, you will have Branded Chanel Black leather Dog Collar.

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