PetSafe Martingale Dog Collar Review

Do you have a greyhound or whippet? A vet has likely recommended a martingale luxury dog collar for your furry friend. This martingale dog collar review will help you understand why this type of collar is necessary and choose the best martingale dog collar for you.

Martingale dog collars allow for more support and control. The way it is structured helps prevent slipping out of the dog collar. One such collar is the PetSafe martingale dog collar.

The collar is made out of nylon and suitable for everyday wear. The PetSafe brand has been producing pet behavior products since 1991. So, it is a brand that you can trust. Let’s examine how their martingale dog collar can help your dog.

PetSafe Martingale Dog Collar Training

The primary difference between a martingale dog collar and regular dog collars is that a martingale has two loops instead of one as in other dog collars. One of the loops helps adjust the collar to fit your dog’s neck. The other loop gives you extra control over your dog when you attach a leash.

The design aids the training of dogs who often slip their collars and escape. When you have fitted the collar on a leash, if your dog pulls, the collar will tighten on your dog’s neck without choking it. Immediately your dog stops pulling on the collar; it will slacken to a standard fit. This collar is better than prong collars or choke chains, which can harm your dog during training.

The mechanism of PetSafe martingale dog collar helps prevent your dog from slipping. If your dog’s collar keeps coming off or your dog’s neck is wider than its head, you might need a martingale dog collar.

However, ensure you consult with a vet or dog trainer before you start using these dog collars. Your dog should be controllable with a regular collar, a good leash, and training.

PetSafe Martingale Dog Collar Safety

Many people ask when a vet recommends martingale dog collar for their ‘best friend’ is, ‘is it safe?’ Yes, the PetSafe martingale dog collar is safe. It is made of nylon, which is comfortable on your dog’s neck.

Before you start using a martingale dog collar, you should learn how to adjust it on your dog’s neck. Since the mechanism is different from a regular collar, most dog owners usually have an issue with it. You can check our PetSafe martingale dog collar review below for how to adjust it for your dog.

Ensure that you do not leave your dog unattended with the PetSafe martingale dog collar. Martingale dog collars are designed for training with a leash. Therefore, when left on your dog’s neck, the collar could get loose, and your dog could chew on it. It could also get stuck on something without a leash, which would put your dog in danger.

PetSafe Martingale Dog Collar Review


PetSafe martingale dog collar costs $6.99 on Amazon. This price is more affordable than other martingale dog collars. You would also get more value from PetSafe, as you will see in our martingale dog collar review.

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Pros & Cons

  • Comfortable and durable, high-quality nylon material
  • Secure fit that is perfect for ‘escape artists’ and dogs with large necks
  • Safer than consistently tight choke chains
  • Available in different colors and sizes depending on your preference and the size of your dog’s neck
  • Separate ring for tags
  • Custom-fit size for growing collars
  • It won’t cause bald spots and matting like other martingale collars
  • The adjustment might be difficult without directions
  • It cannot be used for group play sessions or tie-out


PetSafe martingale dog collar is the best for you. The collar comes in five different colors so, you can choose the color that suits your dog’s style. It is also super comfortable for all dogs because it comes in various sizes.

You can choose the one that will fit your dog based on the size of your dog’s neck right behind its ears. Depending on the size, the category that will best suit your dog has been recommended on Amazon. After selecting the right size for your dog, the next hurdle might be fitting the collar and adjusting it.

To fit your PetSafe martingale dog collar, place your dog’s head into the large opening and adjust the nylon by pushing it through the slide. When you want to tighten with a leash or use the second nylon loop like a handle, ensure the two metal rings touch directly behind your dog’s ears. You should attach tags to these mental rings instead of the D-ring.

The smaller loop might stick up, but after a few days of wear, it will begin to lie flat. Vets have recommended this collar as the best for daily wear. You can also call or chat their customer care specialists six days a week if you encounter any problem.

Final Thoughts

PetSafe martingale dog collar is a safe, durable dog collar. It comes highly recommended by vets. The price is also affordable, and it is suitable for dog training.

We recommend this collar for anyone who wants to buy a martingale dog collar. However, ensure you consult with a professional before you start using it for your dog. We hope you found this martingale dog collar review helpful in your decision-making process.

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