Louis Vuitton Dog Collar Review

Dogs are man’s best friend. As such, it follows that you should get the best in quality for your best friend. Are you looking for a high-quality and beautiful small luxury dog collar? The Louis Vuitton dog collar is for you. Louis Vuitton Baxter dog collar is comfortable for your small dogs. It is a quality leather collar with a beautiful design. Our Louis Vuitton dog collar review will convince you.

Louis Vuitton Dog Collar Design

This dog collar features a gold brass buckle that ensures a firm hold, which makes it a practical collar. The dog collar is also adjustable with several buckle holes. With this feature, you can adjust it to your dog’s comfort while ensuring a firm hold on it.

The collar bone comes with a functional ID tag with the signature LV imprint. The collar has a gold brass hook for dog leash, which you can get separately to complete the look. While this dog collar is functional, it is also stylish and classy.

It has natural cowhide trimmings and patterns designed with class; this functionality and design are the right combinations for a contemporary dog collar. The Louis Vuitton company is known for its quality products with unbeatable style. Therefore, you can expect durability from this collar, which makes it an ideal long term choice.

You can check out our Louis Vuitton dog collar review below to gain you more information about it.

Louis Vuitton Dog Collar Review


Louis Vuitton Dog Collar Maintenance

This Louis Vuitton monogram canvas product is easy to clean and maintain. It requires only light cleaning with a wet light-color cloth that can absorb water. Cotton material is better for cleaning. You can learn more about it in our Louis Vuitton dog collar review.

Avoid using abrasive or harsh products on it and always keep it dry. If you do not scratch it against harsh surfaces like walls, it will remain as clean and beautiful as ever. This dog collar comes with a protective pouch for better keeping while it is not in use. This Louis Vuitton product is 9.5″ < Ø < 11.5″ in diameter, which is perfect for small dogs.


This quality dog collar is somewhat on the high side, but it will not drill a hole in your pockets. On the Louis Vuitton official webpage, it sells for $380.00. Compared to other products, this dog collar may seem expensive, but it is worth it for the durability, style, and class.

You can get it for lesser on other platforms such as www.thereal.com, where it sells for $225.00. Some retailers may offer discounts and promos where the products will be cheaper. On www.thereal.com, there is a 20% discount on the price with the REAL code.

Pros & Cons

  • Adjustable with enough buckle holes for loosening and tightening for comfort
  • Durable material finished with natural leather for the back and loop
  • Detailed with gold brass pieces, including the buckle, buckle holes, and D-rings for leash and tag
  • Protective pouch for easy and safekeeping
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Ships to limited locations
  • It has only one loop


Louis Vuitton Dog Collar

This dog collar is a product made for quality, style, and class. For your cute little friend, it is a great gift. It has tanned natural leather backing, which means it is smooth on your small dog’s neck. The creasing is light and does not threaten the leather.

The durable brass buckle, bucket holes, tag D-ring, and another D-ring for leash makes your dog stand out with their gold color. You can buy a leash for convenient dog walking.

This Louis Vuitton product is adjustable with five buckle holes for the convenience of your dog.  You can tighten and loosen it up as it requires. You should also measure your dog before you make your purchase. Many people complain about it being too big for their small dog. You can have an additional buckle hole punctured into the collar at the store.

The collar is sensitive to hard surfaces. Therefore, you should try to keep it dry, avoiding wet or damp environments and direct sunlight. While cleaning, do not let it come in contact with colored and fading clothes because it can absorb the color and retain the stain. The perfect way to clean it is to use soft light-colored cloth. When you are not using it, it is advisable to keep it safe in its pouch.

While the price of this classy product is a bit high, it is not too expensive for your four-legged friend. Thinking of how cute your dog will look sporting this product is a motivation.

Final Thoughts

This Louis Vuitton dog collar review shines the light on this fantastic product. The monogram canvas Louis Vuitton dog collar caters for longevity, class, and style. This product is an excellent choice for people who enjoy walking their dogs with a product they like.

The Louis Vuitton product with the reputable LV label is perfect for people with great taste. With the natural leather matched with gold brass pieces, you cannot overlook this product. It is adjustable and functional.

You can only clean it with a cloth mildly and avoid using harsh products. If you think of getting a cute gift for your canine friend, consider getting a Louis Vuitton product, and you cannot go wrong.

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