Barbour Tartan Dog Collar Review

Barbour Tartan Dog Collar Review: 2020

Barbour Tartan Dog Collar Review

If you want to upgrade your dog’s luxury collar and in desperate need of a stylish, comfortable, and classic collar, then Barbour Tartan collar is for you. It is made of tartan fabric and pure leather and detailed with aged brass buckle and loop with “BARBOUR” engravement.

All these detailing make this collar appealing and pleasant as you walk with your dog in parks or streets etc. Additionally, this collar is adjustable, which can be a perfect fit for your dog. The design, pattern, and colors are so astonishing, which makes it worth buying.

Barbour Dog Collar Size

Barbour Tartan Dog Collar Review

This collar gets comfortable at times for your little friend as it is adjustable, and you can loosen up or tighten up as per your needs. If you want to invest your money in something of good quality and class and as well expensive, then you must consider this collar. It have three sizes Small, ( L 40 cm x W 1 cm) Medium, ( L 53 cm x W 1.5 cm ) Large, ( L 63.5 x W 2 cm ). So you don’t have to worry if you have a german shepherd or Boston Terrier. Furthermore, the care instructions say, “do not clean.” So you have to be careful about that, and you must use a leather cleaner and moisturizer to clean it.  As it comes up in three sizes, so you have to thoroughly check the measurement before making a purchase.


Barbour Dog Collar Review

On the official site of Barbour’s, they do not sell on retail price; rather, they ask you to find their stockist and buy form the retailer. So you have to look for the stockist according to your region and buy from there. Subsequently, on “,” this collar costs you £37.95 for classic tartan design and £26.57 for Dress Tartan style. Then, on John and Lewis for the Indian region, it costs you £34.95. It may cost you a fortune to buy, but its style and class make it worth buying for. On, it is available for £36.95. There plenty more websites selling it; you do a little research and choose the reasonable one.


  • Tartan cotton outer lined with genuine leather.
  • Stylish and classic design.
  • Aged metal buckle and loop provides a classy look
  • This collar is adjustable, which can be a perfect fit.
  • Pure leather makes it comfortable for your pet.
  • Three sizes are available, which makes it impeccable for any bread.


  • This collar is expensive.
  • People complain of not having an extra loop.
  • You have to choose size carefully for your dog.


The collar itself is of exceptional quality, beautiful aged-metal buckle and loop make it worth buying for. It can fit your legged friend cross perfectly and gets contented as you wander in parks, streets, or anywhere.

Your dog will feel comfortable in this collar and may not get irritated with it, unlike any other collars as it is adjustable, and you can tighten up or loosen up it as per your requirements. The Barbour Dog Collar comes up with three different sizes according to your dog’s needs. Make sure to measure the size of your dog’s neck before buying because many people complain of size too tight or too loose. So to avoid any hustle check the size before buying.

This collar may cost you a bit, but if you want to care for your little canine, this collar is worth buying for. The comfort, class, and elegance make it a real gem for your little friend.

It is totally recommended to the individual who needs to indulge their pet with a top of the lined collar worthy of Barbour’s name and definitely legitimize the cost. The instructions that come up with this collar says that “do not wash.” So you have to clean it with any leather cleaner and conditioner cream, and then you have to allow it to air dry.

This whole process may get up a little bit lengthy and arduous, but if you want to use it for a long time, then you have to do it the way it asks. If you set the collar on the smallest setting, it may have a tail end hanging out of it which may look untidy for this reason People asked for an extra loop in the collar.

Final Thoughts

Hence, if you want elegance, class, and style, then Barbour Tartan Dog collar is for you. Although it comes up a little bit costly and you, have to spend money on it but it worth it.

Pure tartan outer with genuine leather lining can be a perfect gift for your little companion. It’s detailing with aged metal buckle and loop along wit brand engravement complements it in all the way.

Although it has only one loop, so if you have a little puppy and you set it on the lowest adjustment setting, then the excessive collar may look untidy. As this collar comes up in three sizes so you should carefully buy this collar according to the measurements of your dog. Furthermore, you have to carefully clean the collar.

You can not clean it under the running tap, or with the brush; rather you have to clean it properly with leather cleaner and moisturizer. So next time, if you want to upgrade the collar of your pet, you should consider Barbour Tartans Collar.

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