Harris Tweed Dog Collar

Harris Tweed Dog Collar Review

Are you looking for a perfect gift for your granny’s dog..?

If your granny has a dog and you are planning to gift her something for her dog, you can go for this Harris Tweed Dog Collar. One of our favourite luxury dog collars. This vintage and classic looking Hand made dog collar could be a perfect gift not only for your granny but for anyone having a dog.

Want to stand out of the crowd..?

These luxurious wool dog collars are a great combination of elegance, style, and class. These classy handmade collars are carefully assembled in Scotland, utilizing the world-renowned Harris Tweed fabric.

Each collar is supported with a delicate material joining sturdiness with a subtle, smooth velvety touch for comfort on your dog’s neck.  These dazzling collars are comprised of the best hardware, an aluminum clip, and a stainless steel D ring. This exceptional tweed is of the highest caliber guaranteeing durability and coziness in a vintage British style.

Red Harris Tweed Dog Collar

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Key Features Harris Tweed Dog Collar

  • Hand made luxurious wool collars made of most elegant Harris tweed fabric.
  • Distinctively designed traditional patterns.
  • Durable and comfortable because of soft fabric lining.
  • comprised of the best hardware, an aluminum clip, and a stainless steel D ring.
  • Available in a variety of colors and designs.
  • Collars are treated to be water and stain-resistant.
  • Available in five different sizes.

A Pure Blend of Tradition and Style

Distinctive patterns and designs are a pure blend of tradition and class. These collars are made with stunning tweed fabric with soft velvety fabric lining making it a must-have for every legged companion. If you are a perfectionist and want a complete look for your pup, you can also create an addition of a bow and lead. Many websites are selling these collars along with bow and lead.

No Need to Worry About Sizes…

One of the great things about these collars is that they are available in five sizes, so you just have to choose the right size according to your dog. Its extra small size has ¾” clasp and 12-15″ collar length; it can be suitable for little pups like Shih Tzu and Jack Russell, etc.

Its small size has ¾” clasp and 15-18″ collar length; it can be ideal for dogs like Cocker Spaniel, Schnauzer, etc. Its medium size has 1″ clasp and 15-18″ collar length; it can be suitable for pups like Weimaraner, Red Setter, etc. Its large size has 1″ clasp and 18-23″ collar length; it can be ideal for breeds Labrador, Golden Retriever, etc.  So you need not worry if you have a little puppy or a big hound.

Check the Measurements Twice

Before making a purchase, carefully measure your pup’s neck and then carefully select the right size. If the size you choosing falls between two sizes, go for the bigger size because you don’t want to choke your dog; instead, you want a perfect fit. So to avoid any hustle, thoroughly check the size before ordering.

Want Something Extraordinary…?

If you want to add a little spice to these collars, you can add a matching bow and leash. On the websites selling these Harris tweed dog collars, they also have the option of adding a matching bow and the leash, so you can conveniently add these too to make your dog look stunning and make people turn their heads.

Guarantees Comfort with Style

These Harris Tweed collars have a soft fabric lining, making it smooth and comfortable for you. Your little legged companion will not get irritated with it, and you can conveniently walk in streets, parks, and beaches, etc.

Guess the Best thing about these Collars..?

The best thing about these collars is that they are treated to be stain and water-resistant. You eventually don’t need to worry about cleaning it. There is no need for any leather cleaner or conditioner, unlike any other leather collars. Also, you don’t need to wash it in the washing machine. You just have to make a purchase and go out for a stroll.

Pros & Cons

  • High-quality tweed fabric guaranteeing comfort and durability with typical British style.
  • A variety of colors and designs are available.
  • 5 different sizes are available.
  • It is water and stain-resistant.
  • It can be paired up with matching bow and leash too.
  • Comfortable collars, lined with velvet fabric.
  • It comes at a reasonable price.
  • Some people complain of dogs scratching it.
  • It gets a bit bulky than normal.
  • It is suitable for winters only.
  • No adjustable strap.

Final verdict

Hence, this Harris Tweed Dog Collar is an accurate representation of classic British look with durability and coziness. High-quality hand-weaved tweed fabric is lined up with velvet fabric and excellent quality hardware metals to make it a perfect fit for your legged companion.

Also, it comes up in different sizes, making it hustle free perfect fit for yours. Although, you have to carefully measure your dog’s neck before purchasing it. These collars don’t have adjustable stripes, so you have to thoroughly check the measurements.

Another good thing about these collars is that they are stain-resistant, making it easy to clean. So if you want to dive in class and Heritage, then these Harris tweed dog collars could be perfect for you.

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