Ancol Leather Dog Collar

Ancol Leather Dog Collar Review

Are you looking for a dog collar that doesn’t snap easily? It’s common for a dog collar to snap when playing, training, or due to age and poor quality. However, this occurrence is risky as your dog could get lost or hard to restrain.

Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about your dog collar snapping with Ancol Leather Dog Collar. It has all your dog needs to be appropriately fitted for play, training, and restraint. It’s quality leather material and prevents snapping.

Our Ancol Leather Collar Review will help you select the best collar for your dog, especially if you’re looking for something durable and classy.

Ancol Leather Collar

Ancol Leather Dog collar is made with quality Leather and retains maximum strength for restraining your dog. Your dog might be the active type, full of antics, or a fierce dog, that needs to be properly restrained.

The leather collar keeps your dog in check and out of harm’s way, especially when you’re on the street. A good leash and Ancol’s quality leather collar is all you need.

Ancol Leather Dog Collar is designed for durability and to last longer than other product.

Ancol Leather Collar is made of sewn half lined Leather to ensure maximum comfort for your dog. The leather material may weigh more than some less effective dog collar material, but it is the best for your dog.

However, the full weight of Leather might become uncomfortable for your dog, therefore, Ancol Dog Collar uses half lined Leather to ensure comfort.

Smart Collar Fitting For Your Dog

Ancol Leather Dog Collar Review

People usually have a challenge with poor fitting. Some easily snap off the dog’s neck, keeping you always on the lookout for your dog. It’s important to get the best dog collar with durable fitting material.

The Ancol leather Dog Collar is fitted with a die-cast material that ensures the durability of the collar. You can bet that a collar is only as good as its fitting, and the combination of the leather and die-cast fitting for the collar is perfect for your dog’s safety.


The Ancol leather collar costs about £8 on Amazon. This Dog Collar is more affordable compared to other brands within its quality range.

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Pros & Cons

  • Great quality leather material
  • Highly Durable and Classy
  • Great price deal
  • Designed for strength
  • Adjustable Eyelets for comfort
  • Dog antics can’t unbuckle the fitting
  • Easy to wipe Leather
  • Round Leather for thick-haired dogs
  • No rivet fitting
  • It may be quite stiff on purchase
  • Not suitable for pets less than 36 months


Ancor Leather Collar comes in a box containing one tan colored dog collar, about 4Ocm long. It weighs about 32grams and can be comfortably worn by your dog. The die-cast fitting will keep your dog’s collar in position, and you don’t have to be afraid that it would snap off anytime.

This collar is also lovely as it keeps your dog looking good and classy. As it is, your dog’s good looks would redound a great impression about you, its owner. So, if you’re out for something that exemplifies class, then this collar is your best bet.

The sturdiness of the collar makes it easy to fit in other accessories to your dog’s neck easily, and you can be assured of stability. Its round shape is also great for hairy dogs, especially if your dog’s hairy mat easily covers up flat collars.

You don’t have to worry about your dog being choked by the collar; it’s made with utmost flexibility while paying attention to durability and quality.

The durable leather material makes it easy to use under any weather, and it’s easy to clean once muddied. It’s also great for pets with allergies or sensitive skin.

Final Thoughts

The Ancol Leather Dog Collar is great for energetic and fierce dogs. It will last longer and not snap off easily because it’s mainly designed for strength. This collar will make your dog look classy, even while being restrained. We recommend this dog collar, especially for its excellent quality and low price as compared to others.

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