Luxury Brown Dog Collar Review

Norman Luxury Brown Dog Collar Review

Are you looking for a dog collar that is durable yet fashionable? This Norman luxury brown dog collar is the one for you. We have explained all you need to know about it in this brown dog collar review.

Norman luxury brown dog collar is made of durable, top-quality leather with strong buckles that will ensure it stays firmly on your dog’s neck. This top dog collar also comes in various sizes, so you can choose the one that suits your dog.

Norman Luxury Brown Dog Collar Quality

The importance of a strong, reliable dog collar can’t be overestimated. Your dog’s collar is a means of identification, protection, and training. It is one of the most important things to own when you have a dog.

Considering the importance of a dog collar, you don’t want to get one that would wear out or fade. For this purpose, the best material for your dog’s collar is leather. You should also ensure that the leather is original and reliable.

Norman produces its luxury brown dog collar with original leather with a soft leather padding that won’t irritate your dog’s fur. The leather is reliable, so you can be sure you will use this collar for a long time. The heavy-duty metal buckles also ensure that your dog’s collar won’t come off unless removed.

Norman Luxury Brown Dog Collar Style

While dog collars are pretty functional, it doesn’t hurt to get something stylish for your dog. Norman luxury brown dog collar is elegant, though it has a simple design. The details on the leather are lovely.

The deep brown leather is stitched with red thread. The buckles are silver-colored, providing a nice contrast. Norman luxury brown dog collar also has a silver dog badge on the collar.

There are two loops. One helps you to buckle the collar properly, and you can use the other for your dog’s leash and tags. The soft padding of the leather is a lighter color.

Norman Luxury Brown Dog Collar Safety

Norman luxury brown dog collar is designed for the safety of your dog. The metal buckles are heavy-duty, which is durable and reliable. You don’t have to worry about it getting loose, and the collar becoming a hazard to your dog.

The pre-punctured buckle holes also help you fit it to your dog’s size. Your dog will be safe from any risks of choking on the collar. The collar is simple and secure for your dog.

brown dog collar


Norman luxury brown dog collar costs £1.99 on Amazon. For the safety and style that the collar will afford your dog, it is an incredibly affordable price. You probably won’t get a price as good as this one anywhere else. Check out our brown dog collar review below to learn more about why this collar is worth more than its price.

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Pros & Cons

  • It is made of thick, quality leather
  • The collar has a soft padding for your dog’s comfort
  • The heavy-duty buckles ensure your dog’s safety
  • Intricately-designed, unique dog badge
  • You can get different sizes based on the size of your dog’s neck
  • Super affordable price
  • Simple, beautiful design
  • It doesn’t have a name tag
  • It doesn’t come in other colors


Norman Luxury Brown dog collar comes in two different size ranges. All you have to do is measure the size of your dog’s neck and buy the appropriate size range. The sizes available are 10 – 14 inches, and 18 – 21 inches.

The leather is thick and strong. So, if your dog is big, you can rely on this collar not to snap like other less durable materials. The brown collar is deep and stylish. The red thread used in the stitching also provides a nice contrast.

The buckle is also made of sturdy metal, which helps keep your dog secure and safe. The soft padding on the other side of the leather protects your dog’s skin. It will not cause matting or bald spots on your dog’s fur.

Norman luxury brown dog collar has a loop for a name tag. Though the collar doesn’t come with one, ensure you buy one. It will help identify your dog if it goes missing or lost.

The collar has a beautiful dog badge attached to the color. It is basic but also very functional. We hope you have found this brown dog collar review useful.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a simple, sturdy, and durable collar for your dog, Norman luxury brown dog collar is a perfect fit. The collar is also stylish, so your dog would look fabulous. Our Norman Luxury Brown Dog Collar review contains all the details you need on the dog collar and how to use it. The price is affordable, and you will get your money’s worth out of the collar.

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