Portable Dog Water Bottle Review

A Portable Dog Water Bottle Review: Keeps Your Pet Healthy!

There are many reasons why you need to get a portable dog water bottle. It can be handy when feeding your pooch or cat while they are on the go. With such a pet accessory, you wouldn’t need to worry about your dog drinking dirty outdoor water.

Your furry friend undoubtedly needs a portable dog water bottle as well because you can carry it when you are out. A lightweight pet sport bottle can be useful, too, because it occupies a minimal space in your baggage. 

Let’s get into the Portable Dog Water Bottle Review.

Choose The Best Brand Of Portable Dog Water Bottle

Portable Dog Water Bottle review

If you’re looking for the right kind of portable water bottle for your dog with the above features, opt to buy a trusted product such as the COTOP portable dog water bottle. This item is a travel water dispenser for your darling pet. Although flexible, it is strong. You can guarantee that its durability will last for a long time.

There are several ways to classify the COTOP portable water bottle for dogs. For one thing, it is also called a pet water dispenser and an antibacterial food grade leak proof pet travel drink bottle bowl. Carrying a 350ml content, it is likewise known as a pet outdoor drinking cup.

What’s makes this item attractive is that it is portable, which means it is convenient. In case you want to go walking or travelling with your pet, you can tag this bottle along. A bottle carabiner is included with the product, and you can easily attach it to your stroller, glovebox, back pack or pet crate.

You can use this accessory quickly and easily. By just manipulating one key, you can open or lock the water content and you can operate it with only one hand. It has never been easier to feed your pet with water via this bottle.

Promptly Feed Your Thirsty Pet Using A Portable Dog Water Bottle

Portable Dog Water Bottle

The size of this piece is compact, with a capacity to hold 12oz of liquid. Whenever you are walking, hiking or travelling outdoor, you can provide water to your thirsty pet as fast as you can. This travel water bottle is indeed perfect for your pet, whether they are a dog or a cat.

The materials used for manufacturing this product are high-quality. They are guaranteed to be lead-free and FDA-approved. It is PET+ABS and free of BPA. Rest assured that the pet water bottle is durable and safe and you can easily dismantle and clean it.

As a quality guarantee, you will avail of 1 year 100% money-back guarantee when you buy the COTOP portable dog water bottle. If you are not 100% satisfied with the product, the company will offer you a replacement or you can get 100% of your money back.

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How To Use The COTOP Portable Dog Water Bottle

Unlock the bottle by turning the lock key to the right. To fill its trough with fresh water, simply push the water key. You can stop the flow of the water by releasing the water key.

You would need to return the left over liquid to the auto dog mug. All you have to do is to hold the bottle vertically and then push the water key.

When you have finished feeding your pet, lock the water by turning the lock key. Remember that the dog water cup should be out of leakage.

Why is this portable drinking bottle for your dog the answer to your problems?

For one thing, and it is essential, you will be able to keep your pet fed and hydrated while on the go. The bottle is not that big, either, thus you can easily store it in your pocket or back pack. You would want to keep your darling pet always healthy, and this water bottle is the wonderful solution for it.

Be Ready For Any Adventure With A Portable Dog Water Bottle

With a basic one-key feature to lock or start water, it’s no fuss to use this item. Carry it with you conveniently because it is lightweight. A lanyard goes with the product upon purchase, and this means that with it, you and your dog are ready for an adventure anytime, whether just for a short work or a prolonged travel.

You are assured of the long-term durability of this accessory. Apparently, it is shatter-proof. It is food grade ABS and PC that has complied with the standards of the FDA.

The COTOP portable pet drinking bottle has a special design. A silicon loop is located in the middle of its neck and body, and this makes the connection of these two components even closer. Unlike other pet drinking bottles, water does not easily seep in it.

Important notes that you have to keep in mind when using the COTOP portable dog water bottle are that you shouldn’t fill it with water that is above 80°C. Don’t wash it in the dishwasher and don’t put milk, chocolate, soda water and dry ice in the cup. To avoid breaking, refrain from pushing the water key too hard when the lock key is fastened.

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