Julius K9 Dog Harness review

Julius K9 Dog Harness Review: Must Read!

Why Do Pet Owners and Professional Trainers Choose Julius K9 Dog Harness?

What is there to say about the Julius K9 Dog Harness? A lot, really and they’re definitely good!

You’ll want to provide the best accessories for your dog, granting they are a household one. When it comes to a trusted and high-quality harness, you can’t miss the Julius K9 brand. You aren’t likely to go wrong with it because this product is also used on military dogs, police dogs and working dogs, too.

Is The Julius K9 Dog Harness The Right Fit For Your Pet?

You may have bought several kinds of harnesses for your dear pooch at this point, but you’ll realize that the Julius K9 item is the finest that you have acquired so far. You’ll find that the features and particulars of this product are absolutely top-notch.

For one thing, the Julius K9 dog harness is sturdy. Its durability is guaranteed, along with its ease of use. It is manufactured in Europe and made of premium and superior quality materials.

Does your darling pet weigh around 23 to 30kgs? In that case, the Julius K9 brand of harness would be ideal for them. The right fit for its chest circumference measures 63 to 85cm.

The hook, together with its loop patches is interchangeable wherein you can choose to attach your best preference for your dog.

The safety and visibility of the product is enhanced as well in which the chest straps and the edges are reflective.

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Sturdy and Functional Features Of The Julius K9 Dog Harness

Julius K9 Dog Harness

The weight of the item is approximately 90.7g. Its dimensions are 40 x 22 x 4cm. Dogs of all breed sizes can use this product, regardless of whatever life stage they may be. The available color of this pet accessory is pink and a buckle is used for its closure. It is specifically used for the outdoors.

The Julius K9 company invented this harness, and it is designed with an adjustable strap for the chest. The fastening and loop patches of this item can be interchanged. Made in Europe, its materials come from Germany.

The inventor of the Julius K9 pet harness has ensured optimal functionality for their product by creating it as a visibility vest at the same time. Even from a significant distance or when they are out in the dark, you can see your dog if they are wearing the vest. Reflective materials have been incorporated on the edges and the chest strap of the accessory, mainly in the form of a grey line.

The inner lining of the item is breathable and skin-friendly. In other words, it is anti-allergenic being made of OEKO-TEX material that is manufactured with preeminent international standards.

The comfort provided by the harness is scientifically-proven because as a chest strap, it leaves the neck of your pet free.

No worries about the buckles breaking or getting loose because these features are heavy-duty. They have been meticulously checked and tested. During wintertime, these buckles remain in good shape. They aren’t likely to shatter even when the weather is frosty.

There are various options of using the handle of the item. This feature has a new fastening option- you can either only secure the steel-ring or just the handle, both of these, or none of these at all. With this design, there are minimal chances of your dog getting stuck. This is especially important for search and rescue dogs and hunting dogs.

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Why Is Julius K9 Dog Harness Recommended By Professionals?

There are different choices for the attached side bags at the harness. You can choose from sizes of 0 to 4 for the 3L and 4L versions. Likewise, you can pick a smaller-sized IDC universal side bag. This feature has the capacity to hold 250 cm3 content, such as a cellphone, vaccination papers, documents and pet treats.

Another essential and functional feature of this product is that it contains a flashlight holder. Its material is elastic, high-quality and it originated from Germany.  It can hold flashlights of varied sizes. You can use the flashlight holder together with the side bags to obtain optimal utility from the item.

The cover of the Julius K9 harness is water-repellant. It is very durable, secure and comfortable, making it a premier choice not only of pet owners, but professional dog trainers and security people.

Vital safety information that you should know when using the Julius K9 pet harness is that it is prohibited to leave your dog alone while they are tied up with their collar and leash. Training equipment and pet toys developed by the Julius K9 Company has been intended for activities participated in by both humans and their dogs.

Your pet should not be left alone with such products because they might chew or swallow them.

Caring for and training your pet is safe, smart and convenient with the use of the Julius K9 dog harness that has been recommended by veterinarians, trainers and working and search and rescue dog organizations for over 10 years already.

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