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Every dog barks, but an incessantly barking dog is not a good company. No matter how much you love your dog, it can be upsetting when it goes about barking at visitors or the slightest discomfort. A dog tends to be highly temperamental until it’s trained. Despite the availability of different training devices, finding the right pet training collar may prove difficult.

You may also have to worry about its effectiveness. Petic Anti-Bark dog collar trains your dog to behave without causing any form of bodily harm. Our Petic anti-bark dog collar review will help you to discover the best pet training collar to solve your dog’s barking problems.

Petic Anti-Bark Collar

Petic Anti-Bark Collar Design

This pet training collar trains your dog to stop barking using a simple sound and vibration technology. The device makes sounds within the first few seconds as the dog begins to bark. If the music calms the dog, it will return to sleep mode. If the dog continues to back, the device progresses to make sounds and vibrate around the dog’s neck till it calms.

The dog, most likely surprised by the noise, will eventually calm down and learn to do so progressively. The sound and vibration from the device will not harm your dog in any way. It doesn’t apply shock or even sprays your dog as some pet training collars do. It is designed to be pet-friendly.

Petic Anti-Bark Dog Collar Safety

The collar can fit comfortably on small and large dogs. It is adjustable and can be used on dogs with 17 – 55 cm neck size. The collar has a sturdy buckle that keeps it fitted around your dog’s neck, so it won’t fall off while your dog is wearing it.

It comes with two reflective faceplates for your dog’s safety. Dogs can be quite adventurous, and once in a while, they might slip out in the dark, or you might even want to take them on a walk. The reflective faceplate will keep your dog visible and out of harm’s way. It also reduces the expense of getting an extra reflective dog accessory for this purpose.

Petic Anti-Bark Collar Durability And Maintenace

This anti-bark collar is designed with durable materials, to guarantee long-term use after purchase. It can be used under any weather. Its sound and vibration compartment is strategically designed and cannot be affected by bad weather.

It comes with a pair of batteries. The product is not to be worn like every regular collar. It should only stay on for a maximum of 6-10 hours for effectiveness. You can change the batteries. After a while, your dog might not need it because the device has achieved its purpose.


The pet collar cost about £29 on Amazon. There is a current price slash of 17%, and you could get it for £24. The anti-bark collar stands out for effectiveness among other products within its price range. It’s a worthy investment for your dog’s health compared to other anti-bark products.

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Pros & Cons

  • Its sound and vibration doesn’t harm your dog
  • It doesn’t use shock or spray to stop dog backing
  • Effectively stops dog barking
  • Comes with reflective faceplates for safety
  • It comes with an extra battery
  • It is suitable for any weather condition
  • The collar is sturdy and durable
  • It cannot be worn all-day
  • May become ineffective when used for too long
  • It cannot serve as a regular collar

Petic Anti-Bark Dog Collar


The Petic Anti-Bark pet training collar is an excellent option for all sizes of dogs. The collar is adjustable and can fit dogs of any size or weight. Ensure to adjust the collar to your dog’s neck size, leaving a few inches for comfort.

The collar’s default size might be too small or too large for your dog. There’s nothing to worry about here, carefully adjust the collar to fit your dog’s neck.

The sound and vibration the device gives are safe for your dog, without any risks from its use. It’s designed to handle your dog with exceptional care as you would personally do. Hence, it doesn’t use electric shock or spray to keep your dog in check.

The sound progressively goes off as your dog begins to back, then vibrates if it continues. It would reset after one minute, so it never gets loud enough to deafen your dog. You could also reset the sound level as it suits you.

The collar’s reflective faceplates are another excellent catch. Your dog can still look fashionable while being trained and protected—the blue and orange faceplates interchange. So, you can use it as it suits you, but most of all, its reflective material will keep your dog protected and visible when you’re outdoor at night. You’ll get the chance to save some money on extra reflective accessory for your dog.

It’s fine to use the device under any weather. You don’t have to worry about whether the appliance is faulty or not being able to use it due to bad weather.

Your dog will learn to bark less within a couple of days, as it would soon realize that the device goes off only when it barks, and you’ll have a more welcoming and calm pet.

Final Thoughts

If you have a lovely lousy dog, you are often caught between loving and disliking your dog. This pet training collar will help you discover a fantastic aspect of your pet that you didn’t know within a few days.

We recommend the Petik Anti-Bark Collar for your dog’s training, and you might want to hurry to get yours at a discounted price.

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