AcornPets Memory Foam Large Dog Bed Review For A Healthy and Comfortable Pet

Your furry friend makes your days brighter, that’s why they deserve to sleep on the best luxury dog bed. Do you have a large dog? Then it makes sense to read this memory foam large dog bed review to obtain the most suitable and top-notch product for your pet.

AcornPets Memory Foam Large Dog Bed Is Stylish And Easy To Maintain

Memory Foam Large Dog Bed

One of the highly-rated brands for large dog beds is AcornPets. In fact, this company has various selections of luxury dog beds, including that which your large dog will fit in. For one thing, there is the AcornPets Solid Memory Foam Dog Sofa Bed that your bulky pooch will surely like. 

There is a wide-range of amazing features that this product has to offer. When you look at the design, you can see that it is simple, yet stylish. It has been specifically engineered to provide your pet with the highest level of comfort. 

The AcornPets Memory Foam Large Dog Bed is easy to maintain as well. Its outer cover is removable, and all you have to do is strip it off the foam and wash. There are several sizes of this deluxe pet bed to suit dogs of all sizes. However, if your dog is a Cocker Spaniel, a Staffy, a Lab or a Collie that weighs below 30kg, you can choose the large size that measures 90x75x10cm. There are also bigger sizes of this product for extra large pets, such as that with dimensions of 110x95x10cm. Check the brochure or ask the store attendant for the perfect size of AcornPet Memory Foam Dog Bed for your pet.

AcornPets Deluxe Pet Bed Relieves Tension and Pressure

You and your hairy chum will surely be amazed with this item, considering that it is thicker and high density. This means better support for the joints and health of your dog. The filling of this sofa bed is made of 10cm solid premium memory foam. It is actually double the thickness of a regular dog sofa bed. 

When your pooch sits or lies down on the bed, you’ll find that it has a slow-rebound characteristic. It contours to the body of your pet with zero pressure condition. If your dog has anxiety problems, you no longer have to worry because their bed will relieve them of pressure and tension. With the AcornPets Memory Foam Dog Bed, you’ll be providing your pet with a more relaxed environment.

Another thing that you’ll like about this product is that it is available in neutral colors of grey and coffee. Whatever you choose, it will surely match the decor of your home. Its material is of high quality where the middle exterior is comprised of classical beige velveteen fabric. Other than being smooth, it is glossy at the same time. This material prevents dog hair from sticking. It is likewise easy to clean with the use of a brush. 

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Premium Material Makes AcornPets Dog Sofa Bed Top-Notch

Memory Foam Large Dog Bed review

There are 3 handrails that surround the sofa bed, and their material is premium corduroy fabric. It doesn’t easily fade or pile. Your dog can’t mess it up by chewing on it because it has anti-chew features. The filling of these hand rails is premium 3D PP cotton and it is highly-elastic and very permeable. It will give sufficient and comfortable support to the head of your pet.

The cotton filling of the armrest causes a retained bulk to the product. It offers absolute comfort to your pet because it is resilient and well-ventilated.

At the bottom of the product, there is a support which is made of a 45d high-quality memory foam material. It has a slow rebound and highly permeable feature. What’s more, it is resistant to mites and bacteria and is comfortable and durable.

AcornPets Memory Foam Dog Bed Is Durable and Waterproof

A cloth cover goes with the item, and it is made of a non-slip Oxoford fabric. You can safely use it on hardwood or tiled flooring. In the inner layer, there is a waterproof and moisture-resistant coating that prevents it from getting damp. This feature allows your pet to stay dry and warm.

The outer jacket of the AcornPets Memory Foam Large Dog Bed is detachable and sealable with a high-quality and thick zipper. This allows easier disassembly of the sofa bed. You can then wash it in your machine, but using only the soft mode and without bleaching. Despite being machine-washable, you can guarantee that this product is durable.

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What Are The Pros and Cons of Using AcornPets Deluxe dog Bed?

Pros & Cons

  • It provides optimum comfort because it contours to the body of your pet
  • It prevents and relieves joint and arthritis pain for your dog
  • It allows your dog to sleep relaxed without tossing or turning
  • It can be expensive
  • It is mostly ideal for dogs with arthritis and joint problems

AcornPets Memory Foam Large Dog Bed is, by no doubt one of the best investments to promote and maintain the health and comfort of your pet. Although it is generally used for dogs with joint and arthritis problems and recommended by the vet for such, buying it can be a good decision to prevent further visits to the latter in the future.
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