Joules Dog Bed Review

Joules Red Country Tweed Dog Bed Review: 2020

It can be overwhelming to choose the right bed for your dog. However, it is something that’s necessary to do. Just like you, your dog needs a comfortable place to sleep on. There are in fact numerous reasons why you should buy a dog bed.

Go with a trusted brand and a reliable product, such as the Joules Red Country Tweed Dog Bed. This item is actually a square dog bed and ideal for large pups. It is available in sizes of small, medium and large. 

Joules Red Country Tweed Dog Bed Is Made Of High-Quality Materials

Joules Dog Bed Review

The dimensions of a Joules Red Country Tweed Dog Bed are the following according to size: small 55 x 42 x 20 cm, medium 69 x 52, 25 cm and large 80 x 62 x 27 cm. A large square pet bed is suitable if your dog tends to sprawl, stretch out or move about a lot when sleeping.

A Joules square luxury dog bed has a canvas cover and its cushion is plush and reversible. All of its sides are padded, therefore providing your pooch with the comfort and warmth that they need. No worries about the bed sliding on the floor because its bottom is made of non-slip material. The product is for sponge-cleaning only.

You’ll know when it is necessary to buy your dog a bed of their own if they like sleeping on your bed or couch. It’s actually a great favour for you, your dog and your bed and sofa if you do so.

Although it might be snugly to sleep with your dog in your bed, it could become irritating after some time. Your pooch might leave behind hair, too, and it could be detrimental to your health. Other than allergies, it can cause respiratory problems.

You wouldn’t want your expensive Italian sofa to have scratches, either.

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A Joules Tweed Luxury Dog Bed Improves The Mood Of Your Pooch

Joules Dog Bed Review

As you know, dogs are quite territorial, and giving them their own little corner of a bed will boost their security and confidence.

What’s so beneficial about buying a Joules Country Tweed Dog Bed is that it prevents your pet from having behavioural problems.

If you let your pooch get used to sleeping on your bed, they have a tendency to take over the area over time. That’d surely make you uncomfortable. Likewise, if you tell them to get off, they might begin to growl at you.

At the same time, letting your dog sleep on the floor may have consequences to their mental health. With the surface being rough or hard, or being too hot or cold, your dog might not be able to sleep well. Thus they become irritable and grouchy during their waking hours.

A Joules Luxury Square Dog Bed Blends With Your Home Decor

You will have no qualms about buying a Joules Red Country Tweed Square Dog Bed when it comes to it blending with the decor of your home. The design of the product is quite charming, and it can find its perfect spot in your lovely abode.

Do you notice that your dog sleeps rather a lot? Actually, your pup needs 8 to 12 hours of sleep, depending on their age and activity. You basically should allow your pet to have the sleep that they require, and it’s for many a good reasons.

Research has backed that dogs that are well-rested and get sufficient amounts of sleep have improved memory. It means they are able to better remember new and old commands. With your pup getting smarter, they will be able to provide you with better company. That, in turn, makes you a happier pet parent.

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What Are The Pros and Cons Of Buying A Joules Tweed Luxury Dog Bed?

Pros & Cons

  • It is roomier, allowing additional space for your dog to sprawl, stretch out or move about when sleeping
  • It has elevated sides that can work as pillows to support the head, neck and back of your pet
  • Its plush cushion supports the joints and muscles of your pooch, thereby preventing related pains and problems
  • It is suitable only for large dogs
  • Your dog might chew on it

Why Should You Purchase A Joules Luxury Pet Bed?

If you’re looking for value, this product is a great choice. You’ll be paying for quality because this dog bed is made of durable and quality materials. Its plush cushion prevents joints and muscle problems, and it is able to support the weight of your dog.

It can turn out to be more expensive if you let your pooch sleep on the floor. Hard surface can be tough on their joints and muscles, especially for large and elderly dogs. You wouldn’t want your pet to suffer pertinent conditions that entails frequent visits to the vet.

So consider that buying a good quality dog bed such as the Joules square pet bed is a worthy investment. You wouldn’t be so concerned about spending a few dollars more if it means saving bucks for skipping frequent visits to the vet later on.

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