Joules Floral Dog Mattress Review: 2020

There are plenty of good reasons why you should buy a dog bed. In the same way that you do, your pooch needs a comfortable place to sleep on.

When choosing the perfect bed for your dog, stick to a trusted brand and a good quality product such as the Joules Floral Dog Mattress.

The Joules Floral Dog Bed Is A High-Quality Product

Joules Floral Dog Mattress Review

What makes a Joules Floral Dog Bed premier is that it provides the utmost in warmth and comfort for your pet. Its covering is a printed canvass, and it is filled with a plush cushiony mattress. The thick padding of the item allows your dog to be well-rested and relaxed when sleeping.

There are no worries about the mattress sliding or soaking in a spill because the base of the product is made of non-slip and water-resistant material. You can choose from the medium or large size of this Joules item.

The medium size of a Joules Floral pet bed measures 80 x 60 cm while the large variant has dimensions of 100 x 80 cm. The outer cover and filling of the dog bed is removable and easy to wash. The canvass covering of the mattress can be machine washed at 30 degrees. It should not be bleached or ironed.

The Joules luxury dog bed has a nifty and charming design, and it can easily blend in with your home decor. Its navy color is safe, and can conveniently find a place in your lovely abode.

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Why Your Dog Should Sleep On A Joules Luxury Pet Bed and Not On The Floor

Joules Floral Dog Mattress Review

You actually wouldn’t want your dog to sleep on the floor. Its hard surface can be tough on their joints and muscles. Your pooch might develop related pains, and worse, it could affect their mental health.

Letting your dog lie and snooze on the floor makes them uncomfortable. As a consequence, they are not able to sleep soundly and healthily. Just like humans who don’t get enough quality sleep, your dog can become irritable and grouchy during their waking hours.

Having their own bed, your dog doesn’t have to jump on your bed or sofa to get their forty winks, too. If your pooch gets used to sleeping on your bed, they have a tendency to take over the space over time. Telling your pet to get off can have them getting angry and growling at you.

Indeed, behavioural problems can manifest if your dog doesn’t have their own bed. At the same time, you wouldn’t want them to lounge, sleep or scratch your expensive Italian sofa, either.

Depending on their age and activity, your dog needs to sleep for 12 to 18 hours a day. Considering that they spend long hours dozing off, it’s best to provide them with their own cosy little corner of a bed.

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Sleeping On A Joules Floral Pet Bed Improves The Mood Of Your Pup

Research has backed that pooches that get sufficient and good quality of sleep have improved memory. This makes your pup able to better remember new and old commands. Your pet getting smarter and always in a good mood makes them a more amiable companion. Now this would certainly make you a happy pet owner.

A flat, square mattress is ideal for larger dogs. Its plush cushion can support the joints and muscles of your pet. It can carry their weight as well. A dog mattress is also useful if your dog tends to sprawl when lazing about or sleeping.

Another perk of the Joules floral dog mattress is that it is portable. You can move it anywhere inside the house, or in your dog’s crate.

Dogs are, by all means, territorial, and giving them their own space can boost their security and confidence. With their own bed, they wouldn’t have to join you in your bed and sofa. Other than being beneficial to your health, this also allows more organization in your home.

What Are The Pros and Cons of Buying A Joules Floral Luxury Pet Bed?

Pros & Cons

  • It is roomy enough for your dog to sprawl about in
  • Its plush cushion supports the joints and muscles of your pooch
  • Its thick stuffing is able to support the weight of your dog
  • It is very portable
  • It is ideal only for large dogs
  • It is not recommended for pups with teething behaviours

Why Buy A Joules Floral Luxury Dog Mattress?

If you’re looking for value in your purchase, this product is a great choice. With a little investment, you can obtain a good quality item that you can use for the long term. A Joules Floral Dog Mattress is removable and machine-washable. Thus, you can simply wash and clean it if it gets dirty instead of replacing it.

Your dog makes your days brighter, and they deserve to have their health, comfort and well-being taken care of. A Joules dog bed is an ideal item to buy for your dog to show how much you care for and adore your pet.

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