Joules Dog Bed Review

Joules Dog Bed Review: 2020

Do you want your dog to have more tail-wagging days? Buy them a bed, and select the perfect one. There are numerous perks of doing so, and you have to take note of important tips as well.

Primarily, when buying a dog bed, you have to stick to a trusted brand, such as Joules Dog Bed. Joules  Dog offers a wide range of products for your dog, including the Joules Dog Print Square Dog Bed.

Let’s get started with the full Joules Dog Bed Review.

A Joules Dog Square Pet Bed Has Supportive Elevated Rims

Joules Dog Bed Review

A square dog bed is ideal for large dogs. The Joules Dog square pet bed has interesting features for your loyal canine companion.

For instance, there is the product’s elevated rims where your pooch can rest their head, neck and back on. These aspects also provide your pet with security and privacy, therefore making them happier and less anxious.

A bed for your dog is crucial because it prevents them from having behavioural problems. If you let your pet sleep on the floor, the temperature may be too hot or too cold for them. In turn, they develop pains here and there when sleeping, and couldn’t doze off soundly and healthily. Lacking in sleep, they are not well-rested.

The consequence of these is that your dog could become grouchy and irritable during the daytime. Instead of being a sweet, cuddly pet, they could become hostile.

Without a bed of their own, your pooch will have a tendency to sleep on your couch or your bed. Why? Because it provides the comfort that they need.

Not having their own bed can make your dog actually bossy and take over your bed! They might even growl at you when you command them to get off.

Dogs are quite territorial, and they would really appreciate having their own little corner in the house. It will make them feel secure and confident.

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How To Choose The Right Joules Dog Bed Size

Joules Dog Bed Review

A wise buy for your dog’s bed is a Joules Dog pet bed. The large size of this item measures 80 x 62 x 27 cm. Determine if this size can accommodate your pet by measuring them from the tip of their nose to their tail with a tape measure.

The product is available in small and medium sizes, too. The small item has dimensions of 55 x 42 x 20 cm while the medium size measures 69 x 52 x 25 cm.

This pet bed is available in navy color- quite a safe shade that can easily blend in the decor of your home. The material of the product is canvass and its plush cushion is reversible. 

There are thick paddings on all sides of the bed, enabling your dog to feel warm and comfortable while lounging or snoozing on it. It is also made with a non-slip bottom. Sponge cleaning is required for its maintenance.

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A Joules Dog Square Dog Bed Makes Your Pet Smarter

A Joules Dog Bed is a splendid gift for your pet. Letting your furry friend sleep on a hard surface will have a negative effect on their posture, other than the fact that they’ll be snoozing in pain.

Your dog actually has to be well-rested and relaxed when they sleep. They need 12 to 18 hours of slumber in a day. You ought to ensure that this requirement is fulfilled because research has shown that dogs that sleep soundly and healthily have improved memory.

It means that your pooch will be able to remember old and new commands better. You’ll be happy with the company that they provide, making you a satisfied pet parent.

What Are The Pros and Cons Of Buying A Joules Dog Luxury Pet Bed?

Pros & Cons

  • Its padded sides support the joints of your pet, thereby alleviating discomfort
  • The elevated rims of the product provides security for your dog and pacifies their anxiety
  • Its soft and thick cushion supports the weight of your dog
  • It is more suitable for large dogs
  • Your dog might chew on it

Why Should You Buy A Joules Dog Pet Bed?

The product is a wise investment and quite a value buy. It’s the perfect bed for your dog because it is roomy enough for sprawling or stretching out. If your pet loves to burrow, the item can take it, or if your dog has the habit of walking around in circles before sleeping.

Being portable is an advantage of the item. You can transfer it in any location in the house, such as the living room, the kitchen or the bedroom.

No worries about the bed sliding on the floor because it has a non-slip base. 

If your dog is a senior, they are prone to suffer from joint pain and arthritis. The padded sides and soft cushion of the product supports this well-being requirement. Or else if your pup is growing, the same features can support their developing joints. 

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